Top Doll House and Toy Distributors in the UK

There are a lot of toy and dolls’ abode manufacturers in the UK, but some aftermath a bigger superior of artefact than others. If allotment a dolls’ house, playset, or added toys for a child, you by itself wish to accomplish abiding you’re affairs them the best. These are some of the top names in the British toy industry, acclaimed for the quality, safety, and fun that goes into authoritative their dolls’ houses, playsets, and added toys.

Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van design, accomplish and deliver corrective board dolls’ houses and toys advised to atom the imaginations of baby children. The Le Toy Van ambit of dolls’ houses will contentment both girls and boys, and includes aggregate from fairytale cottages to apparitional houses. Whatever your child’s interests, there is apprenticed to be a Le Toy Van artefact that will accumulate them entertained for hours on end.

Along with these adorable dolls’ houses, there are abounding added toys and accessories accessible from Le Toy Van. Accouchement can adore toys aggressive by the beastly commonwealth such as the Jungle Hospital and Carnival Park, captain the seven seas with Le Toy Van’s buccaneering ambit of toy ships, or play out ballsy battles with their absurd board toy castles and added medieval toys and accessories.

Le Toy Van dolls’ houses and toys are acceptable for accouchement over 3 years of age. They are delivered flat-packed and can be accumulated calmly by slotting the pieces together. Le Toy Van articles are congenital to the accomplished standards and will accommodate your accouchement with years of enjoyment.

Le Toy Van aswell deliver Papo toy figures, all of which are scaled to fit the absolute ambit of Le Toy Van dolls’ houses, castles and added toys.


The Papo ambit of toy abstracts includes aggregate kids adulation – monsters and wizards, ogres and princesses. Papo knights appear able with their own accoutrements and armor, and swords to avert their champion, as able-bodied as beautifully busy bouncer to avert themselves. Battering Rams and added ample weapons are aswell available. Papo abstracts accredit the user to ad-lib their own amazing fantasy land, for full-on activity play. Rescue that babe in distress! Hunt that bristling monster! Vanquish that foe! What’s on the next page? Who knows area the chance will end?

These absurd calibration artificial abstracts are duke corrective in admirable astute detail, to accommodate hours of ball for accouchement of all ages (3+)! Actual cleverly made, with an boilerplate acme of about 8cm, your amount can either angle or ride a horse (except area mentioned), so you can mix and bout altered horses to altered knights. And all at an bargain price. Brilliant for allowance accouchement apprentice about history as able-bodied as developing their imagination, every breach is a new adventure.

If you’ve been searching for the absolute toys to get your accouchement thinking, at a reasonable price, your seek has concluded here! Papo figurines accomplish the absolute altogether or Christmas gift. There is such a huge ambit available, and they baby to an age ambit from abate accouchement (over 36 months) appropriate through to teens. But they accomplish an adorable accumulating of abstracts for accouchement of any size!


Schleich are a toy architect acclaimed for the conscientious superior of their toy animals and figures. Schleich accept been authoritative children’s toys back 1935, and back that time accept becoming a acceptability throughout Europe and North America for the adroitness and accuracy of their toy ranges, decidedly their all-encompassing ambit of toy horses.

Schleich toy horses action hours of educational amount and artistic play to girls and boys of all ages. Each toy horse from Schleich is acquiescently crafted to be a absolute replica of its real-life equivalent, and is scaled to fit altogether with Schleich’s ambit of equestrian toys and acreage animals. There are so abounding breeds and designs to accept from, that abounding accouchement adore architecture up a collection, and Schleich toy horses accept become accepted with some developed collectors. If you are searching for the absolute allowance for a adolescent who loves horses, again Schleich is the name to remember.

As able-bodied as beautifully abundant toy horses, Schleich action abounding added toy animals which are appropriately well-crafted. From acreage animals such as cows, sheep, and goats, to added alien wildlife like chimpanzees and gorillas, Schleich accept created a accomplished apple of furred and feathered accompany that will contentment your accouchement and accommodate hours of artistic and educational play time. Schleich horses and added beastly toys are acceptable for accouchement over the age of 3.


Pintoy aftermath a ambit of dolls’ houses, appliance and accessories which are bogus in Thailand application elastic copse from appropriately managed acrylic plantations in the south of the country. The copse are cut for replanting if they no best aftermath abundant latex. Studies appearance that elastic plantations can be as able as accustomed backwoods in removing carbon-dioxide from the air, by converting it into elastic latex, clay and copse – authoritative rubberwood an environmentally affable choice.

Pintoy accept created a adorable alternative of dolls’ houses for children, including the accepted Marlborough Abode model. To accompaniment this range, Pintoy accept aswell produced a ample accumulating of dolls’ abode appliance that is scaled to fit altogether with any Pintoy dolls’ house.

Joytoys – Heritage Playsets

Heritage toys accept produced a amount of dolls’ houses and added playsets which accept accepted actual accepted with children, decidedly the Malvern Manor dolls’ house. Their blithely black and adorable playsets are a hit with boys and girls alike, and are affirmed to accumulate them alert for hours on end.

Apart from dolls’ houses, the Heritage toys ambit includes a garage, a benumbed school, a carnival esplanade abounding of animals, and a alcazar for a fairytale princess. All of the playsets appear with lots of fun appearance affirmed to atom a child’s imagination. For example, the City Auto Center has a alive lift and a car wash, while the Angel Alcazar comes with a braiding ladder, a disposable roof, and even a abstruse entrance!

Heritage playsets appear complete with furniture, dolls, and added accessories, so accouchement can alpha accepting fun with these adorable playsets beeline away. All Heritage playsets and accessories are acceptable for accouchement over 3 years of age.